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We are a Swedish Company specialized in air treatment, Airmaster is the brand name of our in Sweden produced air purifiers and ozone generators. Ozone generators are mainly used for odor decontamination and water purification. You can find information about our ozonegenerators below.
We are interested in business partners for other markets,
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Airmaster International:
Germany: Persson GmbH
Finland: Allergia Apu
Lithuania: UAB Salnos Prekyba
Norway: Rettedal Bilkontrol AS
Switzerland: Roha GmbH

Airmaster BL Ozone generators (Odor removal and disinfection)
Airmaster BL 100
Airmaster BL 3000/6000-D

Airmaster BLC Ozone generators (odor removal or with hose connection for Ventilationsystems and water purification)
Airmaster BLC 500-D
Airmaster BLC 2000/4000-D

Brochure Airmaster odor removal in cars (car valeting).

Link to product-video.

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Swema Trading AB

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Phone: +46 (0)40 16 40 50
Email: info@swema-trading.se
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